The Pink Ribbon Project


“In December of 2010 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. As my family walked through the process of her recovery, my artist heart saw oppurtunity for creation. Art heals and can inspire the spirit to manifest physical and emotional change.” -Aradhana Tiwari

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What is it?

The Pink Ribbon Project is a theatrical collective featuring drama, dance, film, poetry and visual art inspired by women fighting breast cancer. It made it’s debut at The Orlando Repertory Theater in september of 2011. This artistic pastiche’ exposes the dark and forgotten corners of dealing with a terminal disease. It’s a raw and honest exploration of the realties that women and their loved ones face while in the fight. An incredible group of playwrights, performers and visual artists have come together from across the country donating their time and talent for this event.

All proceeds & money raised directly benefit the Breast Cancer Fund at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, which provides diagnostic testing and treatment for uninsured and underserved women. Last year The Pink Ribbon Project raised more then $5000 for this fund.

Pink Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness, educating people about the physical, mental, and emotional realities that breast cancer entails. We aim to offer a therapeutic and cathartic experience for women and their families who are in the midst of the fight, touching them in the unique way that only the arts can. Lastly, our vision is to bring hope, champion faith, and ignite inspiration that will empower women as they walk forward and continue to battle towards health.

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